How to Keep Kids Learning During Summer Holidays

Summer is finally here! It's time for cool clothing, trips to the beach and ice cream. Kids look forward to a long period of time without having to get up early and drag themselves into school, but you may be worried about your little one losing focus over the summer months. 


We have a few easy, fun tips to keep their love of learning alive so bear with me; you might be glad you did! 


Summer Camps

Sending your child to a Summer Camp might seem like a scary thought, but there's so much for them to gain from attending one. Summer Camps are built around providing education during Summer and they are sure to learn lots of new exciting things. They'll also develop their social skills, meet lots of new kids and hopefully make some great friends. 


A Trip to the Zoo

Whatever the age, we all love a trip to the zoo. Seeing animals you don't see every day and some you never knew existed is not only educational but something you and your child will never forget. 


A Visit to Your Local Museum or Library

This may sound boring, but the reality is Children are naturally curious and love to discover new things. Whether they're learning something factual or something fictional, they'll be exploring new and exciting thoughts and adventures they'll never forget.


Nature Walks

The sun is finally here, and we want to make the most of every second we have it so why not take your little adventurer out for a nice nature walk. Not only will you be getting in some quality bonding time and learning a little more about them, but you can also teach them about their surroundings. You might even learn a little bit too!


Invite Their Friends Over

Kids love inviting their friends for play dates and sleepovers. They'll spend most of their time chatting or thinking of games to play with each other which will develop their social and creativity skills. Meanwhile, you're comforted by the knowledge that they're safe and sound at home where you can keep a close eye on them. 


Arts & Crafts

What better way to get the creative juices flowing than creating their very own masterpiece. Let them embrace their creativity and express themselves through their art. They'll develop their problem solving, concentration, motor skills and much more while lost in their own imagination. 


Putting on a Performance

Whether it's a fashion show, a concert or a play, kids love putting on a performance. We all remember the procedure from our own childhoods. They'll spend hours planning every little detail, argue over who gets to play what part and nothing will go to plan when the audience is finally invited to watch. But even still, we all look back fondly on those days, and we're sure they will too. Make sure you have the popcorn and camera ready, you're guaranteed to be entertained by this timeless activity.


Board Games
If your family are anything like mine, even the mention of a board game can be dangerous. But it's important to keep in mind board games are a great way of learning. Not only are they useful for developing co-ordination, maths, colour and shape skills among many others, they also develop our social skills, all while having lots of fun family time.   


Building an Obstacle Course

While the sun is shining, we all want our children to be outside making the most of the fresh air. Why not bring a little fun and fitness to the garden by building their very own obstacle course. It can be as easy or difficult as they like or it could even start easy and become more challenging as they play on. Either way, you're guaranteed hours of fun. 


Inventing Their Own Game

The classic games we all know and love are fun, but nothing beats creating your own game with your own rules. Kids are full of imagination and they're sure to surprise you with what they can come up with on the spot. If they have trouble thinking of ideas or narrowing down what the game should be, encourage them to use safe props that are lying around the house. Again, this will help them with problem-solving and develop their creativity.


Whatever the activity, there are lots of things you can do to keep their little minds active and most importantly Summer Holidays are perfect for enjoying some family bonding time.

Have a fantastic Summer from all at